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Hire sales people globally, on demand.

Inteliom lets your company hire pre-vetted and experienced Sales Development Reps (SDRs) for campaigns, projects, and on a temporary basis, anywhere in the world.

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What's Inteliom?

We are not a sales agency. Inteliom matches you with individuals experienced in sales development. Our clients work with pre-vetted SDRs for projects such as the following:

Founder-led Sales

If you are a founder who's looking to increase the pace of experimentation in B2B sales, you can leverage one of Inteliom's SDRs for additional help at an affordable price,

Inbound Sales

You are getting inbound leads that are left unattended because you are dedicating your best talent to the highest quality prospects. Leverage Inteliom's affordable sales talent to increase your conversion rates.

Account and Lead Resurrection

Your CRM is growing exponentially and you are leaving revenue off the table because you cannot focus on older, and potentially churned accounts. Launch a resurrection campaign with a few SDRs from Inteliom.

Partnerships and International Expansion

Quickly test new territories before investing heavily in a sales team by looking for qualified partners and customer prospects with Inteliom's SDRs.

Promotional/Marketing Campaigns

Are you launching an ebook? Or a new offer? Do not leave those unqualified leads untouched because your sales team is focusing on other accounts.

Conferences and Events

Follow up with all relevant conference attendees without sacrificing your sales team's time. Those event apps with all lead info no longer gets wasted because of lack of time.

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How does Inteliom work for companies?

Inteliom makes very easy to hire the best sales development talent worldwide at affordable rates.

On demand

Hire SDRs for project-based work and/or in an hourly, part-time and full-time basis for short or longer periods.


We screen for excellent command of English and reduced or no accent at all. Our SDRs speak additional languages.


Check your rep's daily performance, access call recordings and emails, and export all activities to your own CRM.


We handle all international hiring paperwork whether its on a freelance, part-time or full-time basis.


Inteliom handles payments in all currencies where our talent is based. We also handle payments in crypto.

30-day trial guarantee

You have 30 days to work with your new SDRs. If you don't like her/his work style, you can get a substitute.

30-day Risk Free Trial

Start hiring SDRs today with Inteliom

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