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Hire interns globally, on demand.

Inteliom lets your company run internship programs for your startup, anywhere in the world.

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What's Inteliom?

Inteliom creates an internship program to help your team focus on the highest-value tasks for your company. Inteliom recruits top-performers and high potentials and manage payments and compliance end-to-end.


If you are a founder who's looking to increase the pace of experimentation in B2B sales, you can leverage one of Inteliom's sales interns for additional help at an affordable price,

Content Marketing

Create blog articles, SEO, sales decks, ads and other content needs with the help of a college graduate. We screen for writing, design and research skills.

General Marketing

From help to distribute content across social media channels, to support in ad campaigns, our interns can offload a lot of of your workload.


You may be looking for help adding information about market size, trends, competitive landscapes, etc. Inteliom's interns help with Excel and research projects.

Start Today from $200 per week

How does Inteliom work for companies?

Inteliom makes very easy to hire the best sales development talent worldwide at affordable rates.

3-month internships

Start with a 3-month program, extend it if you want or add a new intern. Interns are available in a part-time and full-time basis.


We screen for excellent command of English and reduced or no accent at all. Our interns speak additional languages.


We handle all international hiring paperwork whether its on a part-time or full-time basis.


Inteliom handles payments in all currencies where our talent is based. We also handle payments in crypto.

30-day trial guarantee

You have 30 days to work with your new interns. If you don't like her/his work style, you can get a substitute.


Check in with your Inteliom’s account representative to make sure the internship runs smoothly.

30-day Risk Free Trial

Start hiring interns today with Inteliom

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